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The Green Slime

The Green Slime

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A very good sci-fi movie from the golden age of sci-fi movies…
The Green Slime, Oddly enough, then I have never even heard about this 1968 movie before now in mid-2019. I was presented with a chance to sit down and watch this old sci-fi movie, and since I had never seen it before, of course I did sit down to watch it.

Given the fact that the movie was from 1968, then I didn’t really have much of any expectations to it. Initially I was believing it was going to be a campy and goofy sci-fi movie that was common to that time of cinema.

However, it turned out that “The Green Slime” was actually an enjoyable movie and it wasn’t at all one of those goofy and laughable sci-fi movies that were mass produced back in the day. The storyline was enjoyable, albeit quite generic to the sci-fi genre, and particularly to that particular era of moviemaking. Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable.

While the movie was from 1968, then I will say that I was genuinely surprised with the quality of the special effects. Sure, they were horribly obsolete by today’s standards, but for a movie from 1968, then they were actually quite visually impressive. And I will say that the effects actually helped make the movie all the more enjoyable.

The movie also had a nice ensemble of casted actors and actresses. And the movie was quite nicely carried by Robert Horton and Richard Jaeckel.

Usually I am not overly keen on sci-fi movies, and certainly not sci-fi movies from this long ago. But I will say that “The Green Slime” was a nice movie, and it was surprisingly enjoyable and entertaining.

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