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Night Of The Twisters

Night Of The Twisters

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Night Of The Twisters  A Nebraska farm community is plagued by a storm with a series of tornados acting against normal patterns. Dan is left at home to look after his baby brother Ryan along with his friend Arthur while Dan’s mother is at work. His stepfather goes to check on his grandmother. When a tornado destroys the house, Dan and Arthur attempt to re-unite the family

A nice movie.

Night Of The Twisters  A lot of people feel this movie is just a knock off of ‘Twister’, I would beg to differ. The real plot deals with the relationship between the teenage step son, and his step father. The storm is more the random element that brings them closer together.

I won’t outline the plot, because it’s already been done. However,I like this movie because it’s more about the people, than the storm. So, it’s not just another disaster flick. It has more heart then ‘Twister’.

I like ‘Twister’ too, but in a different way. I try not to criticize something for being what it’s not. So, I don’t compare the two to each other. If you like movies that have heart, I think you’ll like this one.

Okay little tornado flick, but really annoying cast.

An okay movie for a day where there’s nothing better to do, if you’re into twisters.

It’s not a very realistic movie, but a least it does not go as much overboard as Twister or Atomic Twister, which are ridiculously unrealistic. The plot is enjoyable and in many aspects not that far fetched – as in how could things look if there was a multiple twister outbreak in a small town. The twisters themselves are of course a bit Hollywood’ish. They can do things a twister normally can’t do, and they look somewhat artificial. That being said, they’re still pretty neat and fun.

Now the worst part, and this almost ruins the movie. The main character “Dan” is the most obnoxious jerk on two legs. Always snide, rude, arrogant, constantly condescending towards his friend Arthur and whiny if things don’t go his way. If it’s a case of over-acting, the squeaky annoying voice or just a trait of the character, I don’t really know. But he bugs the crap out of me, and everyone I know who saw the movie. The father Jack is portrayed as a Pacer-Dad, who would like to see his son become a great athlete. That’s all fine, but was it necessary to make him a confusing combination of a jock, high school football coach, bench athlete and macho hardware store owner? It’s all just too much. Other than that, the characters are pretty likable, but very two-dimensional.

Don’t expect anything great, but it’s worth a bag of crisps on a rainy day.

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