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Private Duty Nurses

Private Duty Nurses

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Private Duty Nurses : Storyline

Private Duty Nurses, A trio of beautiful private-duty nurses that practice more than the medical arts must confront underground drug traffickers, racism and murder in their local hospital.

Private Duty Nurses, In this sequel to “The Student Nurses”, three young interns by the names of “Spring” (Kathy Cannon), “Lynn” (Pegi Boucher) and “Lola” (Joyce Williams) have all been admitted to a large hospital and are looking for an apartment. They finally come upon one which is being rented out by a man named “Dewey” (Paul Hampton) who takes an immediate liking to Lynn. Meanwhile, Spring becomes attracted to an injured Vietnam vet by the name of “Domino” (Dennis Redfield) and Lola gravitates to a young doctor named “Dr. Elton” (Hebert Jefferson Jr.). Essentially, the story then chronicles the trials and tribulations each of these young women encounter within their relationships. Now as far as this movie is concerned it touched upon a few social issues relevant to the time this film was produced and as a result some viewers may not be quite able to fully understand or appreciate certain aspects. Likewise, the fact that this was a low-budget production doesn’t help in that regard either. Even so, in spite of its limitations it managed to keep my interest for the most part and as a result I rate it as about average. Followed a year later by the third film in the series, “Night Call Nurses”.

Early Corman flick mislabeled as a exploitation film.

This early New World Pictures output from Roger Corman might have been labeled as an exploitation film, but, it’s pretty much just a dramatic soap opera about the lives, loves, and tribulations of three young nurses. There’s some nudity even though it’s not in abundance and all three of the girls are attractive with Pegi Boucher being the standout, who by the way is treated like crap in this movie and never given a good conclusion for it, like the other two girls are. Overall, I was entertained for the 80 minutes nothing more nothing less.

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