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Anyone But My Husband

Anyone But My Husband

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Anyone But My Husband : Storyline


After her husband rejects her, Nora Pelham is advised by Dr. Malcolm to have an affair. Soon enough, even the fortune teller Madame Chaney convinces Nora having sex with her is already determined by fate.

What made C.J. famous

I recall seeing this film on Times Square at the time of its release and being quite disappointed because the money shot was missing! It seems that in the manner of age-old grind houses and drive-in theaters (celebrated in a different way in the nostalgic Cinema Paradiso) the projectionist had snipped for private use the key scene of C.J. Laing performing a deep throat maneuver on Tony (The Hook) Perez in a hot tub. A decade later I was able to view the film intact on VHS and see the missing footage, which certainly made C.J. a legend with fans back in the heady days of porno chic (pun intended). At any rate, this film is way above average, with an interesting, if far-fetched story line, and some good acting, notably by porn vets Eric Edwards and R. Bolla. I never knew till consulting IMDb that this film was directed by Roberta Findlay (using a male pseudonym) – a surprise since I interviewed her much later about her latter-day efforts directing horror films and would have asked her about this one had I known.

 A champagne bottle

Golden age hard-core from Findlay, from whom we might have expected a rather better SM sequence, and starring the delightful C J Laing, in I believe her debut. She is very good indeed, both in and out the sex scenes. A protracted, yet effective set up gives us a husband who spends all his time with a young girl, leave his wife to find something or someone else. The something in the way of a champagne bottle is an excellent extended scene and although a subsequent soap two girl fisting is almost as good not much else is. Tony ‘El Goncho’ Perez turns up for his only role with a giant penis that is flaccid most of the time but has the unfortunate effect of making everybody’s normal cock look small.

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