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Beyond the Stars

Beyond the Stars

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Beyond the Stars  This Sci-Fi Drama centers around the teen-age Eric, son of a computer scientist who worked for the Apollo mission which sent the first human to the moon. Eric, determined to become an astronaut himself one day, befriends Paul Andrews, the thirteenth man on the moon. Paul is avoided by other astronauts nowadays, because he was very rude and rebuffing when he returned from space. Only slowly Eric learns that Paul discovered something, during his excursion on the moon, that he keeps as a secret.

This is one of my favorite movies

Beyond the Stars I found this movie very enjoyable. It is the type of movie you might find in the “Under $5” bin and after watching think “Wow, how did this movie get overlooked?”

I found the relationships handled very well. Father/son Future stepmother/stepson NASA engineer vs. NASA pilot conflict Boyfriend/girlfriend

I found Slater very believable and thought he and D’Abo played very well together as bf/gf. I thought Foxsworth and Sheen’s confrontation was the highlight of the movie.

F.Murray Abraham shines in his small role also.

The only weak part of this movie, for me, is the scifi thrown in near the end. I bought the movie looking for scifi. I feel in love with the drama, then found myself wishing they left the scifi out at the end and stuck to the well done drama.

Don’t miss this one if you can find it. Very emotional movie

Great old movie

The first reviewer wants every movie to be an academy award winner. This movie is way better and more meaningful. I saw it years ago and would like to find it on my rental stores shelves someday, I would rent it in an instant. Good message and great performances. Well worth the time to watch. Sometimes these little TV movies are just what you’re looking for on a Friday night. Even if the ending leaves a bit of thought, sometimes this grey type of ending is what is called for. Makes you kind of think of the message you read into the movie. Not all good movies have perfect endings, perfect performances or perfect editing. If you can overlook some minor flaws you will enjoy this movie.


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