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Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock

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Brighton Rock Pinkie Brown is a small-town hoodlum whose gang runs a protection racket based at Brighton race course. When Pinkie murders a journalist called Fred Hale whom he believes is responsible for the death of a fellow gang-member, the police believe it to be suicide. This doesn’t convince Ida Arnold, who was with Fred just before he died, and she sets out to find the truth. She comes across naive waitress Rose, who can prove that Fred was murdered. In an attempt to keep Rose quiet Pinkie marries her. But with his gang beginning to doubt his ability, and his rivals taking over his business, Pinkie starts to become more desperate and violent.

Young Richard Attenborough movie

Brighton Rock  Stunning film from England starring Richard Attenborough as small time crime boss Pinky Brown. I never knew he had it in him to play a role like this one. The rivalry between Pinky’s gang and the bigger and more efficient one run by Colletti provides somewhat of a background story with a great scene at a racetrack where Colletti’s boys are waving around straight razors, but the real story is Pinky’s murder of one of his own guys on a beach front amusement park ride, the cover-up, how he tries to deal with Hermione Baddely and a sweet young waitress, and his dealings with the guys in his own gang, which are all done with incredible precision. How Pinky got so mean is an interesting question to ponder. So the character is evil but with intriguing depth, a tribute to writer Graham Greene who apparently thought him up, and the characterization by Attenborough is, IMHO, unequaled.

Top notch gangster film British style


I hope this film is remembered for all time as it is an incredible piece of film-making. Excellent script, suspense and a wonderful performance by Richard Attenborough as the ruthless and emotionless gang leader Pinky.

Despite Brighton being known for its family orientated beaches, entertainment and pier, we see a very dark and disturbing side to this relaxed holiday town. There is a sinister feel throughout and is shot and edited very well. It was a bit hard to understand some of the dialogue at times but this did not matter as it captivates and draws you in for the duration.

I recommend it highly.

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