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Busted Up

Busted Up

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Busted Up  The owner of an inner-city gym happens to also be a skilled fighter, and when he is pressured by real-estate developers to close the gym, he fights in order to save it.

User Reviews

Its a warzone!

Busted Up  When i was first going to the movies to see the new and well liked movie Busted Up i was sceptical. I wasnt sure if this was just yet another Bloodsport copy.

Frank Pellegrino really gives a once in a life time acting experience, he simply has it all! Class, charm and looks and of course the will and strength to accomplish such excellent acting as he does in Busted Up. This really is a movie for all martial arts fans and actually all other people who has the slightest idea of what a good movie is. Make some popcorn and enjoy this great Action blast of a movie. If you liked movies like Platos Run, Titanic, Gone with the wind and eye of the tiger you will be obsessed with this incredible movie about a man who knows what he wants and who gets what he wants.

As Eddie Lomax came to find a reason so did Frank Pellegrino.

A Real classic!

Gord Judges, we hardly knew ye…

Supposedly based on a true story, “Busted Up” is the story of one Earl Bird (Coufos) a man who is having relationship troubles with girlfriend Simone (Cara) and is trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter Sara after being released from prison. But most importantly, he is one of the legendary “Round Ring Boxers”, dudes who bare-knuckle box in their spare time. Bird is a local legend and gets a lot of respect in the community, partially thanks to his friend and trainer Angie (Shaw). When Irving Drayton, the local gangster wants to take over the neighborhood, including the beloved training facility “The Foundation”, Bird and Angie say no way. So Irving and Bird make a bet: Bird goes into the round ring with a man of Drayton’s choosing and if Bird wins, he can keep The Foundation. But if Drayton wins, It becomes property of the local toughs.

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