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Debbie Does Dallas

Debbie Does Dallas

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Debbie Does Dallas, A cheerleader and her friends need to make money quickly, so they begin selling sexual services. Debbie gets a spot on the roster of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, which is referenced only as “Texas” throughout the movie. The only problem is that Debbie doesn’t have enough money to get there on her own, and her mom doesn’t want to help her, so her friends decide to help her out, and they all get small jobs around town to raise money. One day, Debbie is approached by her boss, Mr. Greenfeld, who first offers $10 to see her breasts, another $10 to touch them, and finally another $10 to suckle them. She realizes that they can get more money by performing sexual favors. She finally gets to go when Mr. Greenfeld offers to pay for everything if Debbie helps him realize his fantasy and let him “score a touchdown”.


A movie funny enough to laugh at and good enough to salivate over.


Debbie Does Dallas, A cheerleader and her friends need to make money quickly, so they begin selling sexual services., What more can I say? I can’t believe people are actually posting critiques of this film like it’s Oscar caliber material, or something.

With that out of the way, the cast is filled with enough naked women to fill everyones wildest fantasies, plus the plot centers around the antics of high school and cheerleaders. (Tapping into the ‘I wish I were young again’ dreams we all share from time-to-time.) It also includes several “Why didn’t this kind of thing ever happen to me?” scenes, including ‘Showering en Masse, The Wild Side of Washing a Car, and How to Have Fun in a Sporting Goods Store.’

Speaking of the car washing scene, look for the EXTREMELY comedic line from the brunette, when the three of them are alone. (Making a request to the guy.) Truly the porno quote of the century, and enough to keep you laughing throughout the rest of the movie.

So, enjoy the eye candy, laugh at the sheer comedy of the whole thing, and pretend like you’re a part of it all, even if it’s just for an hour and twenty minutes).

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