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Doin' Time

Doin' Time

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Doin’ Time Duke Jarrett is sent to jail at the John Dillinger prison. However, the prison looks more like a zoo, more or less ruled by the prisoners themselves  The mad team who gave you Police Academy 1 and 2 have struck again! Now, see how crazy it is on the inside of the only prison in the world where you break out. Laughing!

Crazy funny movie

Doin’ Time This film was extremely underrated when it was first released back in the 1980’s. This movie used to play on HBO many times. I can’t believe no one reviewed this film on IMDb previously. Pat McCormick is hysterical as the warden of the jail, who is then replaced by Richard Mulligan. Richard Mulligan is hilarious as Mongo the warden. Jimmy Walker is also funny. The scene on the rock pile where Mike Mazurski tells John Vernon how much he likes him is a gem. The humor is silly low brow stuff, but in any case this film deserves a DVD release.

“When I Told Muhammad Ali That I Slept In His House With His Wife There and Drove His Convertible Rolls Around and I’m Still Alive!”


In 1985, I had the good fortune to be cast in this movie below as inmate Angelo Crispini (link below) and Muhammad Ali, one of my heroes, graced this comedy film with a small cameo playing himself. I was lucky enough to meet and perform an original poem for him that I used to do him in my Stand-up act, about his loss to Leon Spinks and his Championship Title. (I would bring up a guy from the audience to play him and I would stand behind him and recite the poem. It would always get big laughs.)

He complimented me for my impression of him with just one word, but that one “word” has remained with me all these years later and there is no better word he could have used to communicate my mediocre impression of him, “IDENTICAL!” He said with eyes wide open and and that trademark smile. When he spoke to you, he made you feel so special, so important, and that’s an incredible quality to have. Ali was showing signs of Parkinson’s back then; a little slower, a little more deliberate in his mannerisms and speech, BUT, he was still very coherent and he was ever so kind, gentle, and humble with me, and everyone else that clawed their way to get a second of his attention. He spent all of his time off camera doing magic card tricks for us which took forever because of his Parkinson’s, but no one cared, it was Ali doing them

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