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Expect No Mercy

Expect No Mercy

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Expect No Mercy  Federal Service Agent Justin Vanier has been assigned to infiltrate the mysterious Virtual Arts Academy in search of Eric, a fellow agent. In this high-tech facility, the maniacal leader Warbeck is training assassins to become even more efficient killing machines using virtual reality. Penetrating the organization as a new recruit, Justin finds Eric, and together with the idealistic Vicki must bring down Warbeck before he succeeds with his deadly plans.

Surprisingly good!

Expect No Mercy  At the time this movie came out, Billy Blanks was a somewhat famous action star that had mostly appeared in supporting roles in martial arts movies like Bloodfist and Lionheart. (I seem to remember him in Bloodsport, but checking his IMDb filmography, I see that I’m wrong.) His Tae-Bo fitness course was a few years away, and it still seemed at this point like his acting career might yet take off. In 1995’s Expect No Mercy Blanks was likable and carried the movie well as its star. It’s a shame that he hasn’t done anything as good since.

The movie itself is a pleasant surprise. Its clean, simple, 1980s-esque computer graphics are delightfully nostalgic in today’s era of over-the-top in-your-face CGI. Its premise is solid, with Blanks infiltrating a cadre of virtual-reality-trained assassins to get to their leader. Its low budget, location shooting, and use of low-key special effects make it a relaxing, enjoyable experience that shows why 1995 was a simpler, more innocent time.

Quite good, actually

I seems like Billy Blanks and Jalal Merhi are really fond of each other, since they have been in several movies together. Both “Talons of the Eagle” and “TC 2000” were quite good, and so is this one. It’s a rather simple, action-packed flick where the action is totally at the center of attention. Action lovers get their dose of everything that’s good, both martial arts and gun/explosion-scenes are abundant. Both are really good, and Blanks again does a rather great job in everything he does (except the acting itself, who I don’t care about at all). Simple things are often the best. Today’s movie makers should take a look at this for a good example of how an action movie should be.

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