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Back in Action

Back in Action

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Back in Action The sister of a former U.S. Green Beret, is involved in a love affair with a mobster, endangering seriously her life. His brother will make his best efforts to save her from her boyfriend and his friends, fighting with or without external help. But perhaps this tough cop, Rossi, could help him… or stop him…One Cop. One Vigilante. Alone, they’re unstoppable. Together, they’re invincible!

very good original action

Back in Action A very good action film. What made this one original was the difference in fighting style between the 2 leads first lead: roddy piper, who does the wrestling style. Second lead, blank who does the martial arts style

It makes the fight scenes so cool, and original, especially the fight between piper and blank. The story, from what I can remember is good enough. It’s not a brilliant story. But the story doesn’t make or break the film. It’s the real excellent fights that make this film. Obviously, this is not a film that girls would like. Girl tend not to appreciate a witty fight scene, girls would prefer it if the wit was in the story, which they won’t get in this film. Hence this film wasn’t rated higher (females gave it low ratings – see the statistics) But I am a man, so I loved this film 🙂

One Cop. One Vigilante. Alone, they’re unstoppable. Together, they’re invincible!

At first, I actually had no idea that Billy Blanks was an actor, but after seeing the poster for this film, my interest had been captured. I was treated to a really amazing beat ’em up fest. Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper sure know how to kick some butt.

The movie centers around veteran police office Frank Rossi, played by Piper, who after his partner Wallace is brutally gutted by a ruthless drug gang, becomes bent on avenging his partner’s death. Meanwhile, Billy (Played by Billy Blanks), an ex-Special Forces agent, is trying to protect his sister from the same gang, lead by Kasajian, played brilliantly by Nigel Bennett. Rossi and Billy eventually team up after a number of confrontations when Billy’s sister and Rossi’s reporter girlfriend Helen (Played by Bobbie Phillips) are kidnapped by Kasajian’s gang.

This movie really knows how to deliver. It’s sad that there is really not that large of a following, but we can always hope that it will gain more cult recognition in the future.

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