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The Story of O : Passion's Slave

The Story of O : Passion's Slave

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The Story of O : Passion’s Slave  A young woman is writing a series of love letters, telling her lover the story of O, for his entertainment, but also, it seems, as a challenge. O is a fashion photographer, who falls for Rene, a wealthy man who proceeds to take her to the manor of Sir Stephen, where for several weeks, along with other women, she is enslaved in bondage and subject to torture, humiliation, and sexual assault at the hands of Sir Stephen, Rene, and their friends. After a time, Rene takes her back to her old life where she remains in love with him and has learned that when in love, “you are not free at all.”

A decent Series!

The Story of O : Passion’s Slave

In Volume One O meets Rene and they become lovers, Rene and others evaluate her potential for training and she is introduced to “Roissy” a house of training.

In Volume Two O undergoes training at the house of “Roissy” chains, whips and servitude abound…simultaneously she as she continues to internalize her submission.

In Volume Three O’s training at “Roissy” continues…Rene leaves O at the house for 5 days…thinking that her trainers would be less reserved in his absence…and he was right!

In Volume Four O has completed her training at “Roissy”…O is attracted to Jacqueline a female model she works with and is pursuing her…and O is introduced to and “given to” Sir Stephen.

In Volume Five O comes to the realization that Rene has given her to Sir Stephen…for good. Besides her “normal” training, O is being trained to lure another woman (Jacqueline) into dealings with Sir Stephen and Rene.

In Volume Six O becomes intimate with Jacqueline with the eventual goal of presenting her to Sir Stephen and Rene. Preparations are made for O’s branding and Rene reassures O that he still loves her.

In Volume Seven O is brought to the all female environment at Anne-Marie’s countryside estate for further training…Where she is marked with Sir Stephen’s initials.

In Volume Eight Having been received more training while during her stay Anne-Marie’s estate she returns to Sir Stephen. He picks out her wardrobe and decides to lend her services to some other men. O also become Jealous when She learns that Rene is seducing Jacqueline so that he can present her to Sir Stephen.

In Volume Nine O and Rene are both intimate with Jacqueline and both have the final goal of presenting her to Sir Stephen. Jacqueline is repulsed at some markings on O…but when Jacqueline’s little sister Natalie hears of O’s servitude she is enthralled.

In Volume Ten Jacqueline and Natalie make their decisions on whether to join Sir Stephen, O is put on display at a party and O realizes that Rene no longer desires her as he once does but she has reached such a psychological state that she no longer cares. Devotees of this life style will probably like the film a lot!

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