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Wild Things

Wild Things

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Wild Things


A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high-school guidance counselor when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students.

ACTORS :  Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon


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Wild Things, In south Florida, a high school counselor is accused of rape by a manipulative rich girl and her trailer trash classmate. The cop on the case begins to suspect a conspiracy and dives into an elaborate and devious web of greed and betrayal to find the truth.

Well-Executed, Well Acted, Interesting Story

Wild Things, Ted this to be a low-budget, B-movie that showed off the anatomies of pretty girls – not that that is entirely bad – but I do expect more from a movie.

In actuality, this is a very, very good plot that is executed well by the principal actors. Neve Campbell, Denise Richards (surprisingly), and especially Matt Dillion turn in very good performances. I always enjoy Bill Murray and his part in this movie, although fairly small, adds some levity.

I can’t comment too much on this movie without spoiling it, except to say that things aren’t always what they expect to be. There are a lot of plot twists, some that probably couldn’t stand tremendous scrutiny, but are realistic enough to keep the audience engaged.

The other technical aspects of the movie – direction and cinematography – are done very well, too. That is, they are unobtrusive.

This really is a thoroughly entertaining film, and while it does contain one rather steamy scene, is not a cheap sex film, but a well-thought out, well-executed story. I highly recommend it.

Very Enjoyable

Twists, turns, and humerable (I know its not a word). I liked the different characteristics, and shades of characters (yes I’m trying to make this into 10 lines). I recommend anyone with a sick sense of humor and twisted psychology- you only need a little bit. I love Neve Cambelle because she has a unique character/look and way about things. She’s def unique and I always enjoy seeing her on the big screen (and have missed her so). She’s dynamic yet vulnerable, and emotional, and physical, and so on. Interesting, dynamic plot here, and bunch of interesting characters to keep up with. I like movies with a number of dynamic/complex characters who are all attractive in their own way. Like cruel intentions or… I can’t think of another film similar. Just watch it.

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