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Fists Of Iron

Fists Of Iron

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Fists Of Iron  A skillful fighter who works as a mechanic goes with his friend to a rich guy’s villa where illegal fighting is being organizes. It should be easy money, but the friend gets killed and now the mechanic wants revenge on the people involved. Rated R for strong martial arts violence and some sexuality

Martial Arts Action Thats Worth It…

Fists Of Iron  The early 90’s was awash with baggy trousered guys fighting in the gardens of private mansions, underground car parks or rings, each with terribly cheesy acting, hammy fight scenes, and long hair.

While that was going on, us real fans of action and martial arts, were getting stuck in to the very best of Hong Kong cinema courtesy of Jackie, Sammo, Yuen Biao and the rest of the stars that put any US film to shame!

I remember when Enter The Shootfighter came out on video. The cover wasn’t overly tempting and it seemed the distributors weren’t trying too hard to pull in an audience.

So I ignored it.

Recently though, I found it on DVD in my local Poundland, and having since become a fan of the handsome and talented Michael Worth, I thought I’d give it a go.

Pleasantly surprised, in regards to its story and action, we also had the bonus of getting B-movie stars such as the hilariously OTT Matthias Hues and Marshall Teague in the bad corner, with cult faves Same Jones and Eric Lee as Worths training masters who pulled things off quite well.

Michael Worth has always impressed. I can’t understand why such a good looking guy, with great body, fighting skills and decent acting ability, has never gotten that big break?!

In ETS, he doesn’t fail to impress yet again, and as always, is a joy to watch.

No matter what title you pick it up as, ETS is an enjoyable 90 minutes of martial arts action, drama and comedy, that is still better than half of the crap they try dishing out today in the same genre!

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